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International Shopping Plaza Concept Competition

Theme:Commerce Changes Life
Jury Chairman:Daniel Libeskind
Registration Deadline: Oct. 9, 2017
Submission Deadline:Oct. 9, 2017

1. Background
In 2015, International Shopping Plaza Concept Competition was held by Architecture and Culture Society of China and Wanda Commercial Planning&Research Institute. This competition focused on “Commerce Changes Life”, without the limitation of forms. Although it was the first time, it attracted 1746 teams to register and finally received 312 works. As a global commercial design competition, it exerted the widest influence on architecture industry.

Urban complex shopping plaza has been leading a new wave of intensive city development for nearly half a century. During this period, the interaction among various economic activities and effective integration of various resources facilitated the economic development of an urban area. However, giant and complex shopping plaza tends to be faceless,resulting in homogeneous competition and excessive overlapping investment. The existing shopping plaza space is currently faced with various challenges:

In the context of China’s transition of economy and urban development, what kind of shopping plaza concept can best follow the future development direction of cities in China?

In an era of ubiquitous internet and e-commerce access when the post-90s generation become the main body of consumption, how will the shopping plaza space respond to the new lifestyles and behavior patterns of them?

In the social life featuring the rapid development of modern technology and the diversification and boom of cultures and arts, how will the shopping plaza space adapt to the changing, innovative commercial forms and participate in the establishment of new business ecosystem?

In 2017, the second competition focuses on “Commerce Changes Life” and will explore the upgrading of shopping centers in the era of “experience economy”. This competition expects candidates to extend the macro proposition under the current era background into deep thoughts and discoveries in physical architectural space design, explore the organic combination of three major elements, i.e. “shopping plaza space, merchants and consumers” with rigorous and specific designs, and reshape the ecological correlation between “shopping plaza space, business format and operation”.

Competition organizers will also provide candidates with the typical cases of “Wanda Plaza” as an important reference to the design of candidates. The designs of the typical cases of “Wanda Plaza” epitomize 18 years of experience of Wanda in the development, design and operation in commercial real estate, which defined the outstanding characteristics of Wanda commercial real estate by “the highest benefit of per unit area”, “the fastest construction as per standard mode” and “the lowest energy consumption under fine control”, and established a distinctive and proven paradigm in the industry. Candidates are expected to touch on this prototype in their works by their study and understanding, pros or cons, inheritance or criticism.

International Shopping Plaza Concept Competition this year will also be an ongoing business research and event. Candidates will fully explore and show their wisdom and insights in the competition. Moreover, the organizers will also facilitate discussions on commercial real estate in the whole society by various activities during the competition process which will become as important and wonderful as the competition achievements. We sincerely welcome insightful people in all fields of the society to join this dynamic research, to jointly develop and share penetrating insights on the future commercial space.
Commerce Changes Life - International Shopping Plaza Concept Competition Launch

2. Organizations

Hosting Organizers:
Architecture and Culture Society of China Wanda Commercial Planning&Research Institute
Wanda Cultural Tourism Planning & Research Institute Wanda Commercial Management Fosun Stocks Zonhon Group
Van Sound Club
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3. Jury

Jury Chairman: Daniel Libeskind:
Internationally Renowned Architect, Founder and principal architect of Studio Libeskind
Jury Members:
Astrid Piber, Partner of UN Studio, Senior Architect
Simon Bee, Managing Director of Benoy
Norm Garden, Executive Vice President of CallisonRTKL
Jianguo Wang, Academician of China Engineering Academy, Professor of Southeast University
Jianyan Lai, Chief Architect and Senior Vice President of Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties
Zhibin Wang, Director and Senior Vice President of Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties

4. Awards
5 Excellence Awards, each one with a prize of RMB100,000
5 Innovation Awards, each one with a prize of RMB50,000
Award-wining architects will have the opportunity to be invited to participate in subsequent design of the project; all prize-winners will be invited to attend the award ceremony and organizer round table meeting; award-wining works may have a chance to be displayed on subsequent itinerant exhibitions, among other relevant activities, and gain publicity on ArchiCreation official media.

5. Design Requirements
5.1 Plot overview
(1) The project plot can set up its city and region, and characteristics of the urban surrounding environment so customized shall have certain representativeness;
(2) Adjacent to main urban roads in the south and east and to secondary urban roads in the west, the land parcel borders other development lands on the north.
(3) Plot drawings will be sent through email after registering.
5.2 Architectural design scale
(1) Land area: 60,000m2 (90 mu)
(2) Aboveground commercial building area: about 100,000 m2
Underground commercial building area (supermarket): about 10,000 m2
(3) Floors: aboveground≤4; underground≤2
(4) Building density: ≤60%
(5) Parking sites: about 800

5.3 Business layout requirements
Program Suggested area Remarks
Required layout Supermarket 7000~8000m2 Located on B1
Cinema 6000~7000m2 Equipped with 9-10 chambers
Optional layout Sub-Anchor Stores 2 suggested, each with an area of 1,000-1,800 m2 retail business such as Zara/HM
Sports Store 1200~2000m2 Sports retail business
Kids’Playworld 1800~2000m2 Experience entertainment business for children
Video Game Arcade 1500~2000m2 Video entertainment experience business
“Innovative” businesses 1-2 can be arranged, with each covering 1,500-3,000 m2 In addition to the above-mentioned businesses, participants are encouraged to propose new businesses, which should improve the quality and popularity of the shopping plaza.
(A business layout of currently common shopping plaza in China is provided for participants’ reference with no directive opinions attached. Drawings for reference will be sent to participants’ private email boxes after registering.)

6. Procedure
6.1 The competition takes the form of free registration and open competition for domestic and foreign architects. In addition to architects and planners , candidates can include cross-disciplinary experts in investment, operation and innovative business format related to commercial space.
6.2 In case of team participation, contact will be made with the team leader only instead of team members when necessary.
6.3 Click “online registration” to complete free registration and fill in detailed information; for more details, follow official WeChat accounts of ArchiCreation and Wanda Commercial Planning & Research Institute and visit .
6.4 The Organizing Committee will send relevant materials to participants’ private email boxes.
6.5 All participants should submit their works in electronic form (including drawings and relevant documents) to mall_concept@163.com by October 9, 2017. No paper works will be accepted by the Competition Organizing Committee.
1) Panel specification: competition entries will be horizontally displayed on 8 A2 (594mm*420mm) panels (free composition is permitted under the premise of unchanged total size), including all words, notes, charts, drawings, visualized expressions and other information. An A3 book containing full information of works is also attached.

2)Deliverables required:
● Explanation of architectural concept design
(a) Description of works;
(b) Designers’ understanding about development of commercial plaza, physical space and behavior space;
(c) Understanding about relationship among the commercial plaza, stores and consumers;
(d) Understanding about relationship among the commercial space, innovation form and sustainable operation;
(e) How to achieve above goals :
● General plan, with scale of not less than 1:1000. Contents should include main buildings of the shopping center in the plot, public landscape space, parking lot (garage), exit & entrance and transportation planning systems, etc.
● Shopping center floor plan, with scale of not less than 1:500.
● Facade visuals, at least two sheets, the perspective from two main roads is required.
● Interior visuals, at least three sheets, at least one sheet of atrium visual showing the wonderful public space and one sheet visual showing indoor pedestrian street space relationship are required.
● Profiles, at least two sheet, which is required to show the space relationship between the atrium and each floor.
● Other products that can assist in displaying design, such as model photos, etc, without mandatory requirements
1、 If you have any queries about the competition, please send an email tomall_concept2017@163. com
2、 Competition timetable:
Registration deadline: October 9, 2017
Submission deadline: October 9, 2017
Panel appraisal: October 13, 2017
Result announcement: November 15, 2017

8. Submission
1. Participants should electronically send drawings and relevant documents to email address of Competition Organizing Committee (mall_concept2017@163.com) with “参加竞赛” (“competition entry”) included in the email title.
2. Language: official language of the competition is English (English must be used for title and main design explanation). Participants from Mainland China can provide drawings in both Chinese and English while those from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and foreign countries should provide drawings in English.
3. Proportion and size are both in metric units.
4. Documents: participants should attach an identifiable electronic scanned copy of ID (ID scanned copy for participants from Mainland China and passport scanned copy for those from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and foreign countries) to the email used for entry submission. A text (TXT format) named in the name of the designer must be attached to the email, which should include author name, registration serial number, email address, mobile phone number, full name of employer, name of entry and brief design description.

9. Participation Rules
1. Participants agree to and comply with competition contents and competition rules, and Competition Organizing Committee has the right of final interpretation of the competition rules;
2. No words or pictures indicating the name of the author and employer should be included in the electronic drawings, otherwise the participants will be disqualified for the competition;
3. Participants own the copyrights of competition entries, but the Competition Organizing Committee has the right to exercise other rights of copyright except for entry authorship, including but not limited to distribution rights, exhibition rights and information internet communication rights. It should be further agreed if the competition proposal is adopted by Wanda Commercial Planning & Research Institute as subsequent project implementation proposal;
4. Entries previously used for other competitions or entries for which ideas publicly expressed by others are used are not qualified for the competition;
5. Participants should not accept any suggestions or instructions from competition judges, otherwise they will be disqualified for the competition.

10. Contact Information
Competition email address: mall_concept2017@163. com
Mainland China: +86 15901373912;+86 85587871
International and Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan: +86 85587871